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What is a TDM Flex-Stak Fuel Cell?

With our world's need for alternative sources of energy, fuel cells are leading the way with their efficient nonpolluting fuels.  The Proton Exchange Membrane's (PEM) breakthrough technology creates DC electricity with hydrogen and oxygen from air as fuels.  Another type of fuel cell that we offer is the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC).  The DMFC uses hydrogen like the PEM fuel cell, but instead of air uses methanol alcohol.  The Flex-Stak exemplifies the latest fuel cell technologies, with the highest quality materials manufactured by the leaders in the fuel cell industry.




What makes the TDM Flex-Stak better than our competitor's?

The TDM Flex-Stak fuel cell is designed to be flexible to each consumer's needs.  With our specialized flexible design, the MEAs can easily be swapped out of the fuel cell and replaced with another type (such as PEM to methanol, or phosphoric acid MEAs).  Our design also allows for expansion to the number of cells that the fuel cell holds.  An increase of 5 cells could generate up to 12.5 watts more power, and our fuel cells can be expanded upwards of 20 cells.

TDM Flex-Staks:

  • Use the highest quality MEAs on the market that generate up to 1.5 watts per cell
  • Have an expandable design to allow for more electricity output
  • Include advanced cooling technology in our graphite plates
  • Have interchangeable PEM and DMFC membranes
  • Can run as free air flowing and pressurized
  • Are made in the U.S.A.


Expandable/Interchangable Design

V.I. Curve of a 10 cell Flex-Stak's performance