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TDM Flex-Stak Kit (20 Cell)

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Product Description
This is a general purpose, build-it-yourself1 hydrogen/air fuel cell kit that allows you to build the fuel cell from the endplates up. Building the fuel cell from scratch allows the user to increase their overall understanding of the fuel cell and its components.

  • Plastic Endplates
  • Graphite Composite Bipolar/Monopolar Plates
  • High Performance PEM MEAs
  • Expandable Design (See TDM Stak Expansion Kits)
  • Hardware
  • Assembly Instructions
  • TDM Stak nominal output: 20 to 30 watts
  • Stack hydrogen consumption: 212 cc/minute

 1. A flathead screwdriver, torque wrench with 3/8-inch socket, flat clean non-conductive table space, and paper towels are required for assembly. Hydrogen supply and ¼ inch tubing is required for operation.